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Will you be publishing fiction?

We will be focusing on non-fiction. One of our goals is to help people, men and women. share their story, their expertise and give them a voice.

How will Full Circle Publishing be acknowledged in my book when it is published?

Our logo will be on the spine and back cover of the book. Inside the book where the ISBN number is stated, we will be listed as publisher.

Who owns the copyright of the book? Full Circle Publishing or the author?

You do.

Will all the meetings with Full Circle Publishing be over the phone, or I will ever meet a team member in person?

Much depends on location of author and team member, but the bulk of meetings will be done by phone, Skype or Zoom.

Will you post a link to my book on Amazon on the Full Circle Publishing Website?

Yes. Full Circle is listed as a professional bookseller and we also have arrangements around distribution. We will also be promoting your book on our website.

Can you get my book into a local bookstore or Chapters?

Often the author, especially with local bookstores, has a better chance of doing that. Remember that the bookstores will take a high percentage – usually 45-50% of sales and that they likely will only take a small number on consignment which you will have to track.

Publishing Your Book

How long will it take from the time I submit my manuscript?

Much will depend on how much work has to be done in getting the document ready for formatting. If you want copy-editing, and we recommend that you do, then you will need to allow at least two weeks for that process.


Selecting the cover can be challenging. Some authors have spent almost as much time on that, as writing the book! However, once everything is in place, and proofs approved, you should allow 2-3 weeks for the printing.

Will you give me some advice on the flow of the book?

We will be reviewing your book when it first comes in and our copy editor will also be advising on flow.

I am not quite ready to submit my manuscript and have reached a block in finishing my book, can you help with this?

We provide coaching for writers who are wanting to start or finish a book. There is an extra fee for this service.

I have read my book so many times that I don’t know if I can proof read it one more time, do you have someone on your team who can do this?

I hear you. Yes we do. You would be charged by the hour for the proofreading.

What happens if after the proof has been approved, I spot a mistake?

Much will depend if the printing has started or not. If the book is on the presses, and has to be taken off, then there is a charge of $50 and then additional costs for each change made.

What if the book has been printed, and we spot a typo?

The book could be altered and reprinted, but you would have to cover the cost of reprinting.

Services Offered

Will I only be working with one person throughout the entire process, even if I want multiple services?

No, there will be one person co-ordinating and tracking what is happening but you will be linked with other members of the team, depending on what you choose to have done.

What if after the book is printed, I decide that I want some of the additional services, can this be done?

Yes, we would draw up additional contract(s) with you which will spell out the services you are purchasing.

Other printers have package deals that bundle up all the services, do you?

No, we decided to take a different approach, so you only have to pay for what you need and can control the expenses so you don’t have to pay for it all at once.

If I pay for the service of marketing, does this include the option to change marketing tactics because my books aren’t selling?

You will be working closely with the marketing team and together building a plan which will work for you. During the campaign there will be points when the success of the campaign will be evaluated and the plan altered if necessary.

May I contact a team member directly or do I have to go through the Full Circle Publishing Website?

If you have signed up with us and are working with one of the team members, you may contact them directly regarding your book.

If you are checking out the team, you may contact them directly but we ask that you mention that you connected with them through Full Circle Publishing.

What if I want to use my own service provider for one element of the book, will you work directly with them?

Because our role is to offer one-stop shopping with the team of experts we have on board, we are not in a position to work directly with another provider.


However, we recognize that you may well have a service provider you know and like, and you are free to work with who suits you best. You would be the link between what we are doing for you and the other service provider.

Money Matters

When do I have to start paying?
  • As soon as the contract is signed, a 50% deposit for the formatting cost is required.
  • Once formatting is complete, the final 50% is to be paid.
  • When the printing of the book starts, 50% is due.
  • On final printing is complete, the last 50% is due.
How do I pay?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, VISA Debit, Mastercard Debit, e-transfer and payment by cheque.

We will keep your card number on file, and through the schedule developed, charge your card at the start and completion of the different components.

Are there any guarantees on how many books I might expect to sell?

Wish there were, but no. Much depends on how much work is done ahead of time to build a database, spread the word and create a buzz. The author has an important role to play in marketing the book.

Does Full Circle Publishing take any royalties as the book is sold?

No. You have paid for our services, any revenue and the copyright belongs to you.

How do I know how to price my book so it will sell on Amazon?

Research will be done on similar books in your genre. Comparisons will be done to help you reach a price.

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