Estimated Cost
(Prices valid for 2016)

Write news release Interview the author by phone. Write “the story behind the story” in a journalistic way. Includes development of newsworthy key messages (i.e., why is this book important?).


Write backgrounder Develop a “media fact sheet” to accompany the news release. Backgrounder may include author bio, excerpts of the book, testimonials/reviews, etc.


Contact media Develop story angle(s) for various media types. Research suitable media contacts. Pitch story angles in a personal way to a targeted media list. (Depending on book’s content and “hook,” targets might include mainstream media, trade/industry media, bloggers, etc.)

Note: Estimate is for finding and pitching 8 to 12 media contacts. Cost can be adjusted lower or higher to suit the size of the campaign.


Assist with newswire distribution Coordinate widespread distribution of release via media distribution services, such as Marketwired. Marketwired can target by geography and industry/specialty.

Note: Additional charges for media distribution services will apply and author will be invoiced directly.


Provide assistance to author in preparation for Q&A from journalists. Develop list of potential interview questions and work with the author to develop the best answers. Share any tips to help author feel comfortable.


Support the author’s other outreach efforts related to his or her book. Consult by phone (30 to 45 minutes) to ensure that media relations efforts are integrated with website, social media, special events, etc.


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