A good copy-editor is more than simply an error-correction service. Your editor helps ensure that your material is well-organized and properly presented; that any factual issues are identified and queried; that any inconsistency or vagueness is eliminated; and that, in general, you have an independent and expert eye looking over the detail and style of your manuscript.”

The Writer’s Workshop

Copy editing is money well spent.

I strongly recommend that you have your manuscript copy edited before it is formatted. There are different levels of editing, but using our 100-page book as an example, it could be as low as $1,000 and it will make sure your end product is professional and to your credit.

Editing is kind of hard to quote without seeing the material.

How long it is and, particularly, how well it’s written can dramatically change how long it will take to edit.

There are also different types of editing and as you will see from the chart below, each involves a different amount of time and care.

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