Base Fees – 2020 rates


Approximate cost

Co-ordination of the publishing process


Read and review of manuscript with suggestions where applicable


ISBN number and legal copies


Turning manuscript into book format


Book cover layout (optional)


Proof copy

$25 each


Note – all images supplied have to be legally purchased or credited to the photographerIt should be noted that a detailed contract is drawn up which will outline what is included under each element in the publishing process.

We take the fear and hassle out of publishing your book.

At Full Circle, we can take your book from concept to completion, with access to experts who can help you with editing, marketing, social media, even your book launch.  We provide a menu of services and you purchase what you need, when you need it.


Printing is on demand meaning that once the final copy has been approved, you can choose how many copies you want printed, and the price remains the same whether it is 20 or 200.   Average cost for a standard 200-page book is around $5.50.


  • Manuscript is reviewed and finalized
  • Submitted manuscript and cover sent off to be formatted
  • Draft of first chapter sent to ensure you like the layout
  • Final proof sent for you to read carefully and approve
  • Book is printed.

You should allow 6-8 weeks for the full process.

Optional Services

The range of services available are:

We have people on our team who can help you with this and again, here is a ball park look at what the costs might be.

Type of service

What offered

Price range

Launch plan Co-ordinate with venue, organize refreshments, branding pieces like invite


Social media campaign Co-ordinated social media postings, could include Facebook ads


Online promotional package Branding pieces


Website Development of website for book

$899 – 2,999

PR & Media relations From writing media release to securing media interviews

$95 – $1,575*

Photographs Head shots to be used on cover of book and PR

$199 – $300

Presentation pointers Coaching and packaging on a presentation, building on your book


Listing with Amazon Through Full Circle Publishing your book will be listed on Amazon and can be distributed through them.

$50 admin fee

Postage costs – pay as the books go out.

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