I am often asked how I started my book Day by Day, and truth is I had a head start  because I used my blogs and wrote a few extra from there.

I’d been blogging for over ten years so had plenty of material to draw from. Basically I printed them all off, sorted them by topic and then proceeded to select the best ones.

I did have to make some changes to them in that I’d often say “recently or last week” so that had to go and I fine-tuned others.

Choosing the right order was a challenge and one that has come up in subsequent books I have done. In this instance, I went chronologically going literally from the womb on…. But that’s not always the best approach. The key is you want to hook the reader in as early as possible.

I had some friends read what I had written and they pointed out duplications in terms of the message and advocated that I write more personal stories about my childhood and background.

So what do I suggest you do to get started?

  1. Write on a regular basis. It helps you stretch your writing muscle and find your voice
  2. Read. Check out other authors and make note of what you like and don’t like about their writing style.
  3. Think through your key messages. What is it you want to write about? Start collecting stories that will convey your message clearly.
  1. Develop a schedule. Choose when you are the most creative. If you are a morning person, block off some time then. Or if you are a night owl, write then. It doesn’t have to be a long period of time.
  2. Find your writing space. Where do you write the best? Find somewhere that helps you set the stage for writing. Do you want to write by computer or does pen and paper work better for you?
  1. Go with the flow.   There are times when the words just leap onto the page, keep going, as there will be other occasions when no matter what, nothing is happening. That’s when you step away from the computer/your notebook and take a break.
  2. Set a deadline. Work your way back from the deadline you need to set for yourself. How much do you need to write to get there?
  3. Circle of friends. Choose some friends to review what you have written to date. Pick people who will be honest and whose opinions you value.

Day by Day

Tales of Business, Life and Everything in Between

Business is not life. Life is not business. But really — can’t women have both and be happy? Entrepreneur, businesswoman, and author Anne Day says we can — and we can do it purely by being women, being smart, and being supportive of one another.

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