The number of pages makes a difference to the costs.

As a quick way to calculate how many pages you are looking at – usually there are 250 words to a page.

Pricing – What’s Involved

Typically book publishers list the options for you in different packages – you know $900 vs $9,000, but that can get confusing and it becomes hard to make an informed decision as much depends on your book, number of pages, whether there are photos and like, so we’re taking a simpler and different approach.

There will be a base cost for any book, and then there’s a menu of services that you may want to purchase over and above. A contract will be drawn up detailing exactly what is involved in each element of publishing your book, so there is no confusion over what we will or will not be doing for you.

We have provided a quick chart so you can work out for yourself roughly how much your book will be.

Obviously number of pages makes a difference. As a quick way to calculate how many pages you are looking at – usually there are 250 words to a page.

So divide your word count by 250, and then add six pages to include the content page, acknowledgements, publishing requirements, etc…

You’ve got the idea…

  • You’re not sure if you have a book
  • You’re not sure if your material will resonate.
  • You’ve written your manuscript and need someone to read and look at it.
  • You’re almost there but you’ve hit a block or you are not sure of the order of your book.

Just Getting Started?

We will review your idea, contact you and set up a time to talk by phone. We can provide feedback about your book before you invest too much time and money and suggestions moving forward.

$200-500 depending on length of manuscript. A written report will be provided with suggestions of next steps.

Getting started…

I am often asked how I started my book Day by Day, and truth is I had a head start because I used my blogs and wrote a few extra from there.

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